1990: Helena Rüeggs historical youth novel „Liese Litt“ is published by Ravensburger Verlag, Germany.

With Arne Birkenstock, she co-authors the book „Tango, Geschichte und Geschichten [Tango, History and Histories]“, which is published in 1999 by DTV-Verlag in the Premium Series (5th edition in 2007).

In 2002, she authores an interactive DVD about Tango and Argentinian folklore for the Conservatory of Rotterdam.

Since 1992, Helena Rüegg writes and produces cultural and musical programs for the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and for other German speaking radio stations. Here a short selection of titles:


  • Monteverdi meets Jazz, the musical expeditions of Michel Godard (WDR 2012)
  • Belgian Ardennes Fires, the Académie d’été at Neufchâteau (WDR 2011)
  • The Piano of the Minors, Quetschkommode, Fueye – The adventurous lifes of the Bandoneons (DLF 2010)
  • In the Slipstream of the Images – The Renaissance of silent movie music (WDR 2010)
  • Wien? Accra? – On the track of Groove (WDR 2010)
  • Musical Glasnost – New post-Perestroica Klezmer music (WDR 2009)
  • So much life in four verses – The Uruguayan singer and song writer Alfredo Zitarrosa (WDR 2009)
  • The new dimension of the old– Historical Instruments in the 21st century (WDR 2009)
  • In the Mirror of the Times – the Art of Improvisation (2008)
  • Wizard of Deep Sounds – Michel Godard, the Virtuoso of Tuba and Serpent (2008)
  • La Petite Jérusalem – Jewish musical and cultural life in Paris (2008)
  • Musicians Underground – A sound trip through the Metro of Paris (2007)